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When you have something as serious as solar panel installation or smart device replacement at hand, you can't afford to have a wannabe handyman on the job. Most electrical work is highly complex, and only properly trained, licensed, and experienced professionals with a proven record of success in the field and vast knowledge of the problem at hand can deliver satisfactorily here. At EVSOL Energy, we understand the demands and expectations of our West Vancouver clients and are thus poised to deliver accordingly.

With our history of behaving professionally and finding innovative solutions to all problems on board, we have earned the trust of our customers throughout. The meticulous work protocol at EVSOL Energy involves first analyzing the ground realities, figuring out the challenges involved, and then working up a quote. We share with our clients all that we know and what we plan on doing to best address the situation, this not only gives them an idea of how much the whole thing will cost them but also gives them a sense of calm, knowing that we are equipped properly for handling their task.

Anything from safety inspection to smart device installation demands this level of dedication and attention, after all, electrical jobs are dead serious. A flawed finish here can be both highly inconvenient and unsafe – we want to deliver our best, so we take our time to thoroughly go through the whole scenario to make sure nothing is left uncovered. Of course, there won't be any delays on your end, our professionals have a vast knowledge of their work and will ensure that the whole process does not cause any discomfort to you, wrapping it up successfully in time.

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Most Reliable West Vancouver Residential & Commercial Electricians

Residential and commercial projects are all the same for us, one demands gentleness and extreme care as if we were working on our own homes, and the other one too demands kind consideration with the level of professionalism needed in a business setting. EVSOL Energy professionals are keen to serve our clients in all settings and scales with uncompromising professionalism.

We always give our clients a complimentary estimate for the assignment beforehand so there is complete clarity. Our professionals will list down the things they'll do to make the project a success, and why each step is needed, so you know that you're not overspending on the assignment. By analyzing the details in advance, identifying the challenges at hand, and walking our clients through the whole process, we create a level of confidence for our customers and give them much-needed peace of mind.

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction, as will be obvious in the many reviews we have received so far; our goal is not merely to meet the client’s expectations but to exceed them. Impress and amaze – that’s our motto, and for this, we ensure that the new fixtures are up and running optimally and none of your present fixtures are harmed in any way.

Plus, clients always look for the most cost-effective solutions for their problems, including electric fixtures, replacements, and repairs. We make sure that our solutions are affordable and durable, so you don't have to spend much for the moment and in the long term as well. Top-rated services for affordable rates, that's our combo.

Premium & Reliable Services for West Vancouver Clients

Our professionals offer high-end services for affordable sums and ensure complete customer satisfaction, EVSOL Energy is your one-solution to all electric problems, and we fully understand our clients’ environmental concerns as well.

In residential settings, we offer the following services:

For commercial setups, we ensure complete satisfaction in:

  • EV charger servicing and installation
  • Maintenance and servicing of electric appliances
  • Installing solar panels and roofs
  • Ensuring complete electric safety

And so on...

Since our professionals have dealt with a ton of such projects in the past, we are more than ready to serve you in all capacities. Plus, we understand your concerns for affordability and durability, our team will go to all lengths to ensure that we address these issues capably. We know our craft and have seasoned our skills for years, so rest assured, we will deliver up to your expectations, and perhaps, even beyond them.

You Can Trust Us to Serve You Wherever, Whenever

EVSOL Energy offers affordable and reliable services with premium-level durability and quality. Having impressed and amazed our clients in the past, we look forward to continuing down this path and serving customers in the following areas:

EVSOL Energy has a can-do attitude; we use highly meticulous project management protocols to ensure on-time completion and customer satisfaction with the timing and durability. On top of this, we have many honors to our name such as being listed as a verified electrical service on HomeStars, top-voted in our niche on Handyman Reviewed and listed on the top of our category on The Best Vancouver. Suffice to say, you can trust us as your electrical services

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Big or small, all assignments are the same for us, and our staff always seeks the most optimal route to solve your electrical issues. Our passion is the same for all assignments, at EVSOL Energy we believe in getting things done and getting them done well.

Timely services, reliable procedures, and customer satisfaction are the most important pillars on top of which our services stand. We believe in identifying the challenges and then conquering them, without causing much monetary drain for our clients.

Throughout West Vancouver, clients consider us reliable and premium electrical services providers who know their craft.

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Hopefully, reading through this page gave you enough confidence in our capabilities as a top-rated and reliable provider of electric services in Vancouver. Not only can we help you get the best of all situations (affordability and reliability wise) but also assure you that our services are directed specifically to help our customers in all possible ways.

There’s a lot more to it than what has been discussed here, so feel free to contact us now for a free consultation, following which you’ll get premium workmanship and uncompromising professionalism.

The EVSOL Guarantee

When you choose to work with EVSOL Energy, you're working with the best. We are on time, on budget and on value. Our pricing is transparent, and we 100% stand behind any quote that we provide you.

Reach out to our team at EVSOL Energy today and we'll work with you to find an EV charger that fits within your needs and budget.


Are you able to secure contractor permits for construction?

Yes! We are certified as BC Field Safety Representatives (FSR) Class A & B at Technical Safety BC, so we are qualified to apply and receive any construction permits that you may need.

What is your turnaround time?

We are available Monday to Friday, with weekends open by appointments.

Most installation projects can take anywhere between 1-2 hours, dependent on complexity.Contact us for a free quote today.

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