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Electrical assignments are dead serious – quite literally!

Letting an unprofessional handyman take a shot at such work or handling things like this yourself can be very hazardous, and the results may not be as expected – in some cases, people end up doing more harm than good. Only fully trained, licensed, and experienced professionals can handle the meticulous challenges presented by electrical work, and at EVSOL Energy, our electrical workers are more than prepared to handle any electrical job in Vancouver in the most proficient manner.

If our professionals have gone through rigorous training and have been sanded by years of experience, it has been for a reason: electrical work is a sophisticated task worthy only of the most seasoned professionals. Whether your assignment is set in a residential space or at the industry level, you can rely on us to deliver the utmost professionalism irrespective of the scope of the job. At EVSOL Energy, we offer precise and efficient services to solve the problems at hand with the greatest proficiency.

But of course, words are empty, hollow – how do we create this level of customer confidence then?

This is made possible only through our sense of transparency. We identify the root problem, share our diagnosis with the customer, and then go for the most efficient route to solve the issue. This way, our customers rest assured that they are getting the best possible service.

Schedule an appointment with EVSOL Energy today, or give us a call at (778) 318 2070. We're always here to help. Contact us for a lighting consultation.

Competent Electricians for Residential & Commercial Projects in Vancouver

At EVSOL Energy, our professionals offer uncompromising accuracy and professionalism for all assignments, residential or commercial, small scale or large scale, short-term or long-term, limited or expansive. For us, small projects in residential settings are just as important as the larger ones. EVSOL Energy professionals have a standard operational model which involves having a complimentary estimate for the job at hand after careful analysis of the situation.

From single-family homes to expansive commercial buildings, we deal with electrical projects of all scales, and following our complimentary estimate, we start with the most efficient solution to the problem. Since we walk our customers through the whole thing beforehand, they do have a rough idea of how things will progress and this allows them to stay confident about our abilities to deliver the best results.

As for our professional attitude, EVSOL Energy electric workers make it a point to develop an association with the job at hand – we treat your house as if it were our own, acting in the best possible way to ensure perfect results.

Our workers strive for customer satisfaction, and we never compromise on our principles of honesty and hard work. And on top of fixing the problem at hand, we take great care to safeguard the already present home fixtures.

Our workers are also equipped with the knowledge of the latest technology and trends in the industry, making us the favorites for our clients in Vancouver. This is especially true for business owners who always tend to be impressed by our excellent tenant improvement services, allowing them to relocate to new places with ease of mind about the electrical setup of the place.

On top of it all, EVSOL Energy professionals offer premium electrical maintenance, urgent repair services, the replacement for obsolete parts, and so on. We understand the worries of our clients regarding the durability of the work done and the affordability of premium electric services, and thus do our best to keep the prices within reason and to deliver the most reliable services.

We Offer Reliable Electric Services in Vancouver

Since we offer coverage for a wide range of electrical services, we can serve as your single solution to all electrical problems ranging from minuscule to large scale. Plus, we fully understand (and are equipped to address) the environmental concerns of our customers.

For residential settings, our services include:

On top of our residential services, EVSOL Energy professionals also deliver excellently for commercial setups in Vancouver, ensuring complete satisfaction in:

  • Servicing and installing EV chargers
  • Maintenance work for electric appliances
  • Solar installations
  • Electric safety assurance

And much more...

We stand prominent in the industry with our uncompromising commitment to our customer’s needs. Plus, we make it a point to deliver exceptional results within the proscribed budget and to address any environmental concerns that our clients may have for us.

Our workers are fully licensed, highly experienced, and well equipped to handle all sorts of jobs within their areas of expertise, and we always strive to exceed expectations, rather than simply meeting them.


We are Top-Rated & Premium Residential Electric Professionals

Customers have several concerns when it comes to electric issues, some of these even keep people from seeking the professional help they need. Budget is the biggest worry for people in Vancouver, and we make it a point to opt for the most affordable (yet reliable) option for your needs. Plus, the EVSOL Energy team can also flex our schedule to best fit your availability, and we'll make sure that your environmental concerns are also addressed.

Wherever you are, you can rest assured of being delivered premium services from us:

Our behavior with the clients is just as they're our family. We take extreme care throughout to ensure that the work is completed quickly and without trouble.

And since the EVSOL Energy team uses cloud-based software for project management, you can rest assured about our ability to get things done.

And if these credentials weren’t enough, we are verified service providers on HomeStars, voted as the best in our category on Handyman Reviewed, and rated number one by The Best Vancouver – this reflects our professional excellence.

Feel Free to Reach Out to Us

Hopefully, reading through this page gave you enough confidence in our capabilities as a top-rated and reliable provider of electric services in Vancouver. Not only can we help you get the best of all situations (affordability and reliability wise) but also assure you that our services are directed specifically to help our customers in all possible ways.

There’s a lot more to it than what has been discussed here, so feel free to contact us now for a free consultation, following which you’ll get premium workmanship and uncompromising professionalism.

The EVSOL Guarantee

When you choose to work with EVSOL Energy, you're working with the best. We are on time, on budget and on value. Our pricing is transparent, and we 100% stand behind any quote that we provide you.

Reach out to our team at EVSOL Energy today and we'll work with you to find an EV charger that fits within your needs and budget.


Are you able to secure contractor permits for construction?

Yes! We are certified as BC Field Safety Representatives (FSR) Class A & B at Technical Safety BC, so we are qualified to apply and receive any construction permits that you may need.

What is your turnaround time?

We are available Monday to Friday, with weekends open by appointments.

Most installation projects can take anywhere between 1-2 hours, dependent on complexity.Contact us for a free quote today.

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