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Residential & Commercial Electrical Inspection: What Is It?

Residential and commercial electrical inspections provide a thorough examination of the property's entire electrical system. The inspection is what provides insight on if the wires, systems, and components are all up to legal standards, as per the Safety Standards Act which is the ruling electrical regulation that all electricians must operate under when handling residential or commercial electrical structures.

Once your inspection is complete, EVSOL Energy will provide you with a detailed and prioritized checklist of the results – including the immediate action needed and improvements/upgrade potential within your current electrical structure.

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When Do You Need a Residential or Commercial Electrical Inspection?

There are specific times in the wiring process when inspections must be performed. Before any circuit can be energized, it must have written approval from a Safety Officer. The purpose is to reduce the risk of electrical shock by waiting until all circuits have been completed and covers installed.

All electrical work must undergo inspection before it is concealed or connected and at least once every 180 days during the installation process. Most installations require two inspections – a rough-wiring inspection and all work completed inspection. EVSOL Energy follows all Technical Safety BC standards when working with residential and commercial wiring.

Benefits of a Residential or Commercial Electrical Inspection

A residential or commercial electrical inspection is important when ensuring the safety of your home or business. Getting the electrical system inspected by a professional can offer an overall peace of mind and:

  • Identification of common electrical mistakes made by contractors or previous DIY homeowners
  • Ensuring the safe operation of electrical components within the home
  • Recognize outdated wiring
  • Identify degraded wiring or components
  • Spotting oversized breakers or fuses that create a fire hazard
  • Save energy and reduce overall costs
  • Correction of all fire or safety hazards within the electrical system
  • Meet insurance requirements
  • Guarantee home electrical wiring is safe before purchase

What is Included in a Safety Inspection?

EVSOL Energy will do the following when providing a residential or commercial electrical inspection:

  • Verify the proper lightbulb wattage is being used
  • Inspect for shock or electrocution hazards
  • Switch and wall outlet operation and condition
  • Verify that fault circuit interrupters are working correctly
  • Check all the safety and security lighting
  • Validation of appropriate surge protection
  • Confirmation of appropriate grounding systems
  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Examination of outdoor electrical structures
  • Ensure proper labels in electrical panel – location, amps, and operation
  • Prioritized report of your home and efficiency suggestions

Reducing Energy Costs By Up to 75%

Understanding your electrical system and how it operates can help increase the overall efficiency of your home or business. How do you find out how efficient your energy consumption is? How do you learn ways to correct it and save up to 75% on your costs?

Use the suggestions indicated in our thorough analysis of your residential or commercial energy structure. We identify the potential cost-savings and incentive opportunities for homeowners and commercial property owners.

When we identify an attractive ROI, we provide you with the details required to put the project in motion. The best part is that most customers can immediately increase their cash flow from the savings – the projects practically pay for themselves.

Construction & Operating Permits

As a business, we are well aware of how difficult and time intensive renovations can be. That's why we aim to make it easier by helping our clients secure any and all construction and operating permits with the Technical Safety Authority, and ensure that all construction is up to par with all BC Electrical code.

With our BC Field Safety Representative Class A & B License from Technical Safety BC, we can get access to Contractor Installation Permits to fast track any permit work so you can get your projects completed sooner.

Important Note
Within British Columbia, any grid-tied systems do require complex electrical connections to BC Hydro, and do need to be approved prior the installation to ensure a safe and effective operation. EVSOL Energy can help you with acquiring the proper permits for installation.

The EVSOL Promise

Working with EVSOL Energy means you're working with the best in the business. We are on time, on budget and on value. Our pricing structures are transparent, and we fully stand behind any quote that we provide.

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