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Residential Electrical Safety Systems

EVSOL Energy place utmost importance on ensuring that our solutions offer supreme safety. Our professional electricians work with a safety focus in mind, ensuring residential electrical systems are as safe as they possibly can be. From childproofing outlets, surge protectors for the whole home, upgrading wiring, and electrical safety inspections – EVSOL Energy keeps your electrical safety a top priority.

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Childproof Outlets

Childproof outlets look just like traditional outlets, but they are far from it. These outlets offer a spring-loaded receptical cover plate that protects the electrical contacts, preventing the insertion of objects when unequal pressure is applied to the contact points.

For adults, the operation of these plugs is simple and does not require any special knowledge or training to operate. To insert a plug into the outlet, applying equal pressure to both sides of the outlet simultaneously while inserting the plug is all it takes to complete the circuit.

Nearly a third of accidents that involve children and electrical outlets happen when children insert common household items into a socket (often when adults are present).

These common items include keys, hairpins, paperclips, staples, plugs, jewelry, tools, nail files, belt buckles and knives.

Correct Capacity Circuit Breakers

Knowing the correct capacity for a circuit breaker is how to avoid unnecessarily high loads, leading to fire hazards. Circuit breakers that cannot support the load efficiently lead to tripping the breaker or blowing a fuse. Replacing or updating a circuit breaker can help to alleviate these issues and hazards.

In your home office, installing dedicated computer circuits can help lessen the burden on traditional circuit breakers. Since appliances have the ability to trip breakers, using a dedicated computer circuit can help keep these appliances from shutting down the computers when the breaker gets tripped.

GFCI Outlet Installation

Ground fault circuit interrupters, or GCFI outlets, are used to protect from electric shock. GCFI outlet installs provide an inexpensive solution to preventing electrical shock and help homes comply with modern building code standards.

Most of the GFCI outlets can be found in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and garages. Those outlets in your home with “test” and “reset” buttons on them are your GFCI outlets. These outlets help monitor the amount of electricity flowing through the circuit, protecting it from an imbalance – cutting it off if it becomes overwhelmed.

You should contact EVSOL Energy if your GFCI outlet seems to be failing or you do not have GCFI outlets in areas that require them. A good rule of thumb is that a GFCI outlet should be installed where water is present.

A GCFI should not be used as an outlet for refrigerators or freezers. These appliances generate too much electromagnetic interference, causing the outlet to trip more often than not. Most stoves and dryers are also not compatible as they require an outlet with higher amperage. Try to reduce the amount you have plugged in by avoiding extension cords, which could also overload the GCFI outlet.

Whole House Surge Protectors

Power surges can happen at any time. Being protected against them can make all the difference in your property. When power surges happen, they can threaten any device that it comes into contact with, which is why you will find most homeowners using mini-outlet surge suppressors. There is another solution, though, a hard-wired surge protection solution installed by a licensed electrician.

By definition, a power surge is a sudden increase in voltage that exceeds the standard voltage (typically 120 volts). When the surge happens, the wiring inside the devices overheats and begins to burn. Most modern homes have expensive appliances that can end up strained, compromised, or destroyed when encountering a power surge.

Power surges can occur due to faulty wiring, downed power lines, utility transformers, and even lightning. Installing a whole house surge protector works much like the smaller plugin forms, only they are hard-wired – meaning you don’t have to worry so much about it. EVSOL Energy helps ensure you are safe in your home with options that protect your wiring and your devices/appliances from unexpected power surges.

Construction & Operating Permits

As a business, we are well aware of how difficult and time intensive renovations can be. That's why we aim to make it easier by helping our clients secure any and all construction and operating permits with the Technical Safety Authority, and ensure that all construction is up to par with all BC Electrical code.

With our BC Field Safety Representative Class A & B License from Technical Safety BC, we can get access to Contractor Installation Permits to fast track any permit work so you can get your projects completed sooner.

Important Note
Within British Columbia, any grid-tied systems do require complex electrical connections to BC Hydro, and do need to be approved prior the installation to ensure a safe and effective operation. EVSOL Energy can help you with acquiring the proper permits for installation.

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