Commercial Business Electrical Services

Commercial Office Electrical Services

Whether you're building, rebuilding, or need maintenance and repair work done, you need a commercial electrician if you have a commercial space that requires any electrical work.

If you manage, own, or run an office or commercial franchise, it's wise to have a commercial electrician you can trust to tend to your electrical needs. In addition to installing, laying, and rewiring cables, some of the other tasks a commercial electrician would carry out include:

  • Designing electrical systems
  • Working on electrical systems from existing blueprints
  • Installing security systems and alarm systems
  • Installing electrical components like lights and switches
  • Installing new equipment
  • Rewiring existing equipment
  • Repairing and maintaining heating and cooling systems
  • Leading a team of electricians
  • Following BC electrical guidelines for electrical systems and wiring

If you're an owner or manager of a commercial space and are looking for a professional you can trust to help you with electrical work in your building, you've come to the right place. We are EVSOL Energy – one of Vancouver's most experienced and trusted teams of certified professional electricians.

Schedule an appointment with EVSOL Energy today, or give us a call at (778) 318 2070. We're always here to help. Contact us for a free consultation.

Lighting Installations

Whether you're constructing a new building or looking to renovate your office space, our team of professional electricians is ready to set you up with the perfect lighting system. In addition to the standard installation, we can set up dimmers, plugs, and switches to customize your lighting however you want it to be.

We can add finishing touches with key accent lighting, timers, sensors, and other smart features for enhanced security or outdoor ambiance outside of your commercial space. Whether your goal is to create a warm and inviting outdoor space for your customers or to set up proper lighting for a security system, we can help bring your vision to life.

Additional lighting services we provide include:
• Landscape lighting installations
• Lighting fixture installations
• LED lighting
• Electrical panel upgrades
• Ceiling fan installation
• Structural improvements
• Smart office installations

We have been the dedicated service provider for several lighting companies throughout the Lower Mainland, including Robinson Lighting, Vancouver Lighting, Mr. Electric & Pinnacle International. Get in touch with us today about your commercial lighting needs & get a quote for your project.

Smart Office Upgrades

Enhance the safety, security, and convenience in your commercial space with smart office upgrades. As there is no shortage of smart office devices on the market, we recommend assessing the needs of your commercial space and building a smart system that begins with the most beneficial devices first.

Automate the comfort and safety of your workplace right from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Smart office devices are designed to automate processes, making your workplace safer and more efficient.

Take a look at some of our most popular, must-have smart office devices and services:

Smart Home Automation Hub

The smart automation hub is like the brains of your smart device network. This little module offers account access control, integration services for new devices, and help with troubleshooting. Having a smart hub is a smart move, not only for added convenience but in case your smartphone is lost or broken. EVSOL Energy can install a new outlet anywhere you want to place the smart automation hub. We can also upgrade the building's electrical circuits to ensure that they can accommodate all your smart office devices.

Smart Security Cameras

Security is a top priority for any business, which is why smart security cameras make a great addition to a commercial space. With smart security cameras installed, you can see real-time footage of your workplace on your smartphone 24 hours a day. EVSOL Energy is equipped to run the necessary power to the installation points of your cameras. We also have the resources to install self-monitoring cameras.

Smart Electrical Outlets

Smart electrical outlets can make all the difference in improving the lighting, internet connectivity, and other electrical elements in the building.

Smart Lock

A smart lock is an excellent idea for an office. You can use a smart device or enter a numeric code to get access to the workspace. Once inside, you can also use the smart lock to see who's at the door.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat provides a whole new level of convenience for any commercial space. Control the internal temperature of your office or workspace from any smart device without leaving your desk.

Smart Light Switches & Lighting

Smart light switches and lighting can control everything from the lights to smart speakers, voice control devices, and more. When EVSOL Energy installs smart light switches, you can rest assured that all the controls will be compatible with all your devices. We can also upgrade your current lighting with smart fixtures.

Smart Smoke & CO Detectors

Enhance the safety of your workplace with smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These new devices offer more benefits than the old-school ones. One of the best new features is that they send alerts to your smart device if and when they detect smoke or carbon monoxide. They also narrow down the information to the specific detector sensing the problem and send alerts that remind you to change the batteries before they die.

Whether you want to install one smart device in your commercial space or set up an entire smart system, trust EVSOL to install everything efficiently, and rest assured that everything will be compatible and easy to use when the job is done.

Solar Panel Installations

Save costs on electricity while helping the environment by installing solar panels for your commercial space. Solar power is the cleanest and most abundant form of renewable clean energy, and it can be harnessed to power and heat your workspace. This is also one of the most cost-effective ways to save money. Solar panels are easy to maintain and provide you with access to power even during a power outage.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are comprised of solar panels, breakers, inverters, and mounting equipment. These systems are installed in commercial settings, and EVSOL can help you source all the equipment you'll need to get started at the best rates. Our supply partners throughout the Lower Mainland will help source everything at a wholesale discount, which will bring down the project's overall cost.

EVSOL Energy has over ten years of experience installing solar panels, so you can trust our team to perform your commercial installation safely, efficiently, and adequately. We will provide any necessary paperwork for government solar incentives and rebates as well.

EV Charger Upgrades & Replacements

The future of the automobile industry is electric. With an increasing number of people purchasing electric vehicles compatible with Tesla, Flo, GESCAN, Sun Country, & ChargePoint EV chargers, you can accommodate them by installing these chargers at your commercial location.

Help make life easier for your clients, customers, and employees who drive electric vehicles by providing charging points for them installed by EVSOL Energy. Our EV charger services include:

  • Office charging stations
  • Dedicated circuits and outlet installations
  • Power upgrades, repairs, and remodels
  • Load sharing and management
  • Infrastructure upgrades, including wall penetrations
  • System designs

Please note that before we can help you install an EV charger, you need a wall panel with at least 200A. We can help you check your wall's amperage and even upgrade the entire wall panel if it doesn't meet the minimum requirement.

Commercial Services

In addition to the services outlined above, we also take care of:

  • Tenant Improvements
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Hydro incentive program upgrades
  • Commercial service calls
  • Business service calls
  • Exit sign and emergency lighting
  • Power and distribution
  • Low Voltage
  • Data / Cat5 installation
  • Service upgrades
  • Sub panel
  • Ashrae lighting control
  • Panel boards

Why Choose EVSOL Energy

When you need a commercial electrician you can trust, EVSOL is the team for you. Whether you need us for a large-scale commercial project or a quick service call, our decades of experience allow us to work efficiently while providing a high quality of workmanship.

Transparent Pricing

Our quotations are inclusive of all the products and services that will be required to complete your project so that you won't encounter any hidden costs or fees upon completion. We will stay in touch and keep you informed throughout the project so you won't run into any surprises at the end.

We provide you with detailed invoicing when the work has been completed, so there are no mysteries as to how your money was spent.

The EVSOL Guarantee

Trust is as important to us as it is to our clients. We make sure that every member of our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured with over ten years of experience in the industry. We ensure that every project is done properly and is up to par with the BC Electrical Code.

We're so confident in our work that we give you a lifetime warranty on every task we carry out.

Construction & Operating Permits

As a business, we understand how difficult and time consuming renovations can be. That's why we make it easy by helping our clients with securing any and all construction and operating permits with the Technical Safety Authority, and ensuring that all construction is up to par with all BC Electrical code.

With our BC Field Safety Representative Class B License from Technical Safety BC, we can get access to Contractor Installation Permits to fast track any permit work so you can get your projects completed sooner.

About EVSOL Energy

EVSOL Energy is a team of experienced professional electricians based in Vancouver. Jesse Ngosa is the project manager at EVSOL and is dedicated to meeting your electrical needs, no matter how big or small the project may be.

Jesse Ngosa and the EVSOL team are fully licensed and insured BC Master Electricians FSR Class B. They're also Red Seal certified and have over a decade of experience as commercial electricians.

EVSOL also has a BC Field Safety Representative Class B License from Technical Safety BC, which gives them access to any Contractor Installation Permits that might be required to fast track your projects. They will secure any construction and operating permits with the Technical Safety Authority and ensure that construction is up to par with all BC Electrical codes.

On time. On budget. On value. That's our mission, and we carry a 100% lifetime guarantee for all our work. Your satisfaction is our promise.

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