About EVSOL Energy

Jesse Ngosa, RSE | BC Master Electrician FSR B

It took over 3+ years of hands-on training within the University of Fraser Valley Trades & Technology Program, and 10+ years of experience performing professional electrical installations across a multitude of industries including Alberta's copper mines, processing plants & various commercial partners, before I realized that my passion lies in home services.

Being able to go directly to the customer and work directly with them is incredibly gratifying. It makes me feel like I can add real value to their homes, making a real difference in your daily lives. It's very rewarding. I have many customers whom I've worked with long-term (many of whom I've worked with for over 9+ years). I would not be able to continue doing this today had it not been for the word-of-mouth from my satisfied customers, and I hold to that highly by maintaining a standard of excellence in my work.

Thank you for reading this, and let's make your next electrical project a reality.

Jesse Ngosa, Project Manager
FSR Class B #CEL000237756
Electrical Contractor #LEL0208184

Red Seal Certification

BC Master Electrician FSR Class B

Solar PV Design & Installation Certified