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Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of our things here at EVSOL Energy. We’ve gained extensive expertise in installing solar power solutions for residential and commercial customers, helping them cut down their electricity as well as heating costs. When sunshine is essentially free of charge, why not tap into this wonderful energy resource after all? If you’re interested in converting your home or office to run off the sun, give us a call for a consultation.

What’s the catch, you ask? Solar power is free, that can’t be right? Well, there are several environmental impacts of solar energy that you may have come across. In this article, we discuss those impacts and how we at EVSOL Energy can help you minimize them wherever possible.

Solar Panels Need Cleared Land... Or Do They?

You may have come across, or read about solar farms. These are vast tracts of cleared land that have been smoothened as far as possible, and have rows upon rows of solar panels as far as the eye can see. These computer-controlled panels slowly move during the course of the day, tracking the sun as it moves across the skies. Solar farms are usually set up in large and flat areas of sparse vegetation, as clearing densely forested areas for a solar farm is destructive and costly, whilst installing solar panels on mountainous terrain can be tricky unless they receive ample sunshine throughout the day.

There’s another solution, one that doesn’t require you to own or lease tracts of land, and that is rooftop solar. Your roof is in essence, dead space that can be utilized for mounting solar panels to catch the sun. In fact most residential and commercial installations are rooftop solar systems.

Great, you say, let’s cover my entire roof with solar panels? Hold up. There are a
few factors to consider, such as:

  1. Does my roof receive adequate sunshine throughout the day?
  2. Is it shaded by any other, taller buildings in the immediate vicinity?
  3. Is the existing roof structure strong enough to bear the additional weight of
    solar panels?
  4. Can my roof be easily accessed for installation, as well as maintenance and cleaning of the panels?

You may not have the answers to all these questions, but don’t worry because we at EVSOL Energy are more than happy to visit your premises, conduct an audit of your current and projected energy usage, have a look at the property and sit down for a chat. Our transparent pricing means that you know exactly what you will be paying for, and we even help with the palaver of obtaining the requisite building and electrical permits.

Do Solar Panels Cause Any Soil, Water or Air Pollution?

Whilst a large, industrial solar plant may require some precautions such as ensuring that coolant systems are suitably isolated from the ground and any water, rooftop solar doesn’t cause any soil, water or air pollution. It’s basically as clean as you can get. Even when installation is conducted, we at EVSOL Energy take great care to ensure that the installation process causes minimal disturbance and emissions.

What About Recycling Solar Panels? I've Heard that They Contain Toxic Materials...

Solar panels contain heavy metals and some precious metals as well which are not easy to recycle. Currently, the recycling of old or faulty solar panels is still in the development phase and there are very few parties who undertake such an endeavour. However, solar panel technology has vastly improved in terms of efficiency and reliability, and today’s solutions are typically envisioned to last twenty years or more, by which time recycling of old solar panels will be mainstream. We at EVSOL Energy work with the best names in the business and ensure that you can obtain value-based pricing, leveraging our partner discounts where applicable.

The Pros Outweighs the Cons - Talk to Us Today!

When it comes to solar energy and solar roofs, the pros really do outweigh the cons. The only pre-requisite is that your site receives ample sunlight. We’ll take care of everything else, including upgrading your electrical panel if necessary. Our hands-on approach means that we will visit your premises, understand your needs, provide you with value-based and transparent pricing, and help secure all necessary permits. Oh, and if you’re eligible to receive any rebates from the local authorities for your solar roof, we’ll help you secure those as well. In fact, we’re so confident in our work that our labour carries a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Work with EVSOL Energy

Working with EVSOL Energy means you're working with the best in the business. We are on time, on budget and on value. Our pricing structures are transparent, and we fully stand behind any quote that we provide.

We specialize in lighting installations, electrical panel upgrades, EV charger installs and solar panel upgrades. And yes, we can help you get the proper permits!

Reach out to our team at EVSOL Energy today to get started.

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