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10 Smart Devices That Will Enrich Your Life

10 Smart Devices That Will Enrich Your Life

We are surrounded by smartness. Our smartphones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, it’s all a lot of smartness. Apart from these obvious ones, there are some lesser-known or considered smart devices that can really make your life easier. Not sure where to start? We at EVSOL Energy have done the hard work for you, trawled the internet and did an extensive search to present you with this list of ten smart devices that we genuinely believe will enrich your life.

A side note, more smart devices mean more power requirements. If you’re concerned about whether your home’s power system can handle it, or looking for ways to reduce your electric bill, talk to us. We’re experts in all things electrical and can help you out. Just give us a call and we’ll swing by. In the meantime, let’s dive right into the list.

1. Smart Doorbells

Picture the scene, you are the only person home and the doorbell rings. It’s an odd hour, you’re not expecting anyone, or are not in a position to answer the door. Maybe you don’t want to expose yourself, aren’t dressed appropriately to receive visitors, or a situation we can all relate to, on the toilet. With a smart doorbell, you can use its in-built camera to discretely check out who rang the doorbell. If it’s someone you don’t recognize and wish to keep silent, you can do so, all without alerting them to your presence.

If on the other hand you wish to speak to them, you can do that as well, since most smart doorbells also function as two-way intercoms that allow full duplex (that is, communication from both sides simultaneously) voice transmission. Some models even allow you to capture video and screenshots, whilst others can be set to record footage onto a memory card, either when motion is detected, when the doorbell is rung, or all the time.

Advanced devices such as those from Nest also employ facial recognition technology, allowing you to easily know who’s ringing the bell if it’s a known party who has been saved in the doorbell’s known contacts memory. However, the efficacy of this on people wearing face masks is yet to be improved.

2. Smart Speakers

These babies are pretty common and neat to have around the house too. Some are pocket-sized and battery-operated, whilst others can fill a large room with rich, wholesome sound. The whole point of a smart speaker is not to just play music, but act as a virtual assistant. You can talk to it, ask questions, and receive answers. This can be very useful if you’re engaged in one task and wish to prepare for another. For example, if you’re ironing clothes but wish to find out at what time the nearest grocery store closes, the smart speaker can provide that information, thus saving you a potentially wasted trip.

3. Smart Lighting

Are you the kind of person who always forget to switch off the lights when you are last to leave a room, or constantly stub your toe in the corridor simply because you can’t be bothered to switch on the lights? Smart lighting is the solution for you! Smart lighting can be set to switch on and off based on a variety of parameters, such as motion detection, daylight detection and presence detection. This can be very useful to avoid stubbing your toe in the middle of the night when you get out of bed to use the washroom.

Of course, smart lighting can also be used as a security deterrent when you aren’t home, by randomizing the switching on and off of various lights in your house. This is something that traditional timers can’t do, as they simply switch on set lights for a defined period, which can quickly be recognized by a savvy burglar. Randomizing your lighting patterns will confuse them, providing the impression that someone is home.

4. Smart Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector is an essential piece of kit because it can save your house from burning down. However, whilst it emits an ear-piercing scream, you definitely will not hear it when you’re not at home, and the neighbours may not hear it either. If you’re the sort who’s frequently out of home, a smart smoke detector is a savvy solution as it will send an alert to your mobile device, as well as identify which sensor was tripped. These can also couple with carbon monoxide alarms, saving you from potential poisoning.

5. Smart Locks

Are you a forgetful sort who keeps misplacing your keys? Do you have too many keys on your key ring? Hiding the front door key under a mat or plant pot is so stereotypical, that it’s the first place that a potential burglar will look, yet people keep doing it and getting burgled. Don’t be one of them. Consider installing smart locks instead. These devices can be locked and unlocked by keypads, patterns, fingerprints and even the presence of a device that each and every one of us carry, our smartphones. Smart locks easily allow you to set access barriers as well, meaning if you’ve got a disgruntled ex, there’s no more awkward conversations of trying to get your keys back, simply remove their access privileges from the system.

6. Smart Vacuums

These nifty little devices have been around for a while and continue to be popular. Smart vacuum cleaners allow you to keep your floors clean and tidy on your schedule. For example, you can set them to go about their work when nobody is home, define barriers to prevent them falling down stairs, and even set profiles for different areas, to ensure that they only vacuum the carpeted rooms, and mop those with hard floors.

7. Smart Sleep Monitors

Sleep disorders are more common than you’d think. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, it’s best to invest in a smart sleep monitor as these devices actively monitor your sleep patterns and also provide tips on how to improve your sleep. Since sleep is crucial for our physical and psychological well-being, this is a worthwhile investment if you wake up every morning feeling cranky after a night consisting of mostly tossing and turning, or waking up a dozen times.

8. Smart Leak Detectors

Water leaks in water pipes are one of the most damaging things that can happen in a house. They can seep through and damage walls, cause electrical shorts, damage carpets and in general, be a disaster. Luckily, there exists technology that can detect leaks in water pipes through ultrasonic means and these are called smart leak detectors. The smart leak detector constantly monitors your house water system and sends alerts to your smartphone if it detects an issue. No more waiting for wet patches or sparking electrical outlets to know that you’ve got a water leak.

9. Smart Security Systems

These can range from simple motion detectors to complex camera and audio-detection systems that can even utilise AI to distinguish between a friend (ie: you and your family) and a foe (the baddies). Smart security systems are becoming increasingly popular as we return to work after the pandemic, and homes are empty during the day once again. Investing in a smart security system is money well spent, and some can even connect to professional monitoring and response companies, whilst providing you live action footage to your mobile phone via an app.

10. Smart Watering Solutions

Gardens are a thing of pride for many of us with green fingers, however watering them can be difficult if you work a tight schedule. Put your mind at ease by installing a smart watering system. It can be set to water on a schedule, or on demand, through a mobile app or virtual assistant such as Alexa. You can define zones, as well as the amount of water required, ensuring that you don’t over-water or under-water.

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